Our proven approach delivers reliable results. In close cooperation with you, we find and train the IT talent you need. You regularly receive transparency about the project status and decide for yourself which talents will move on to the next phase.

Project Process
  • Which Personality is wished for?
  • Which training content should be included?
  • Does the applicant have the necessary intellectual fundamentals and technical affinity?
  • Does the applicant have above average Soft Skills and motivation to perform as part of a team?
  • Is there a „cultural fit“ with my organisation?
  • We present to you only suitable Talents
  • You will get to know the Trainees and decide who will enter the program
  • Fundamental training and use cases according to the customized Curriculum
  • Learning in small Teams
  • Soft Skills Training & Coaching
  • Talents continously learn with projects and day-to-day buisness experience
  • We accompany the Talents with Coaching Sessions and, if necessary, further training
  • You have the final Say!
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Profile Identification

Together with you, we develop a clear picture of the desired candidate. In addition to the required professional skills, the focus is primarily on analyzing which type of personality fits your corporate culture and can strengthen your organization. We tailor the training plan to your needs. This is the only way we can achieve the optimal learning curve.


The intensive selection process begins on the basis of the defined wishes and requirements. We are specifically looking for people who want to work for you and who fit in with your culture.
Our specially developed assessment method provides information about the necessary intellectual skills and IT affinity of the applicants: logical thinking, technical creativity and analytical skills are evaluated. Aspects such as social interaction, personal responsibility and solution orientation are also tested. Only those who perform well above average pass our selection process.

Candidate Introduction

We only propose talents that we believe in and that have passed the selection process. You then get to know the applicants and decide which talents to include in the training program. Personal and digital formats are used here – depending on the situation and your preferences.

Intensive Training

We start the two-month intensive training only with the best candidates for you. Of course, you ultimately determine who these candidates are. We convey the necessary theoretical basics and first use cases along the curriculum created together with you. This is adjusted to your requirements so that the specialist knowledge taught can be put to immediate use in your practice. In doing so, we draw on a broad network of external training and certification partners. In this way, we ensure cutting-edge knowledge and consistently high quality in the required IT areas. In addition to essential technical skills, we also teach the trainees industry-specific basics and Soft Skills.
Of course, most of this can also be done digitally.

Training-on-the-Job & Coaching

The Trainees begin their work with you in projects or “in day-to-day business”. We agree on quarterly goals for the 12-month training-on-the-Job. Together we ensure that all trainees achieve these goals. In addition to intensive coaching, in-depth training takes place as needed.

Hiring option

After 12 months of on-the-job training, you will have a new, tailor-made IT colleague who is a great fit for your company!
Of course we know: every company and every requirement is different. We are prepared for that. Do you need to teach more content than is possible in 2 months? Would you like to take on the talents before the end of the planned training-on-the-Job phase? No problem – together we design the project so that it suits you.

Our exigent selection and training process speaks for itself


Average number of applicants per advertisement

5 -10%

Percentage of applicants who successfully complete our selection process


Recruitment rate of Talents by companies after completion of the program