What distinguishes you from competitors?

Our approach is innovative and offers a highly differentiated value proposition for both our partner companies and our talents. There is nothing "off the shelf" with us. Our search and selection process, tailored to our clients' needs, and our customized training are unique. This is how we find the talents with great potential for IT and with a long-term fit for the partner company. On the talent side, we offer an attractive package that includes not only free training, but also financial support from the first day of traineeship, as well as the prospect of a permanent position with the partner company.  

How long does the recruiting process take?

We are fast! Because it is in our interest to present you with the best candidates as quickly as possible so that your project no longer lies inactive. On average, it takes two months for us to select carefully tested candidates to start the traineeship with you. 

Are the trainees career starters or experienced professionals?

That depends on your preferences and requirements profile, as we also recruit on a customized approach here.  

Do your trainees have an IT background or have already acquired work experience in the IT field?

Our talents come from a diverse number of areas; hence they have different backgrounds. However, they all tend to have a connection to IT or already have IT experience, even if they usually don't have any formal IT qualifications. That's what makes our concept stand out: We don't look at the resume. Talent, IT affinity and motivation are important to us. Only then do the applicants pass our selection process, and we can guarantee the companies that our talent will meet the company's requirements. People who have had no previous contact with IT are relatively rare. 

Does a traineeship also start with only one person?

No. We do not recommend this for several reasons. First, the effort required for one person is considerably high, which would also have a negative impact on the cost structure. Second, our concept thrives on the group dynamics that develop in a cohort. Learning together, supporting each other in the learning process, exchanging experiences among each other. These are parameters for the best learning quality, which will also have a positive effect on the team culture in your company later.

Are we able to see sample Talent Profiles?

We do not have sample profiles that are standardized. Each talent is individually tailored to the needs of the partner company. However, we regularly feature our talent on our blog and in our newsletter. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter: We would also be happy to present other profiles to you in a personal meeting. 

How quickly are the trainees ready to join us?
The duration of the recruitment process and the subsequent intensive training depends on several factors: the decision-making processes at your company, the requirements of the department and the content to be learned. If you decide on our concept, you can usually expect to have support from our trainees for your department/for your project five months later (~ two months of recruiting plus three months of intensive training).  
Do we get to know the talents before the traineeship begins?

Yes. Once the candidates have successfully completed our meticulous selection process, as a partnering company, you will have the opportunity to conduct interviews with the candidates and assess their suitability for your organization. In this regard, we only recommend the talents whom we are personally convinced will thrive in their new role at your company. You have the final say on which candidates are accepted as trainees.  

Where are the talents employed during the traineeship?

The talents are employed by yakha GmbH during the entire traineeship (both during the intensive training and the time of training-on-the-Job). To enable all high potential candidates to participate, they already receive financial support during the intensive training and a salary at least according to the collective wage agreement (BAP) during the training-on-the-Job.  

What happens if a trainee is sick or on vacation during the training-on-the-Job?

The company does not have any costs during this time. 

Is there a placement or transfer fee?


Do you have any further questions? We will be happy to advise you!  

You can reach Cris by phone at +49 171 8144042. We look forward to communicating with you!  

Christina Greenidge