How does the yahka traineeship work?

Intensive Training, training-on-the-job, Soft Skills training, coaching - these are the four most important elements of the yakha traineeship.

As soon as we have received your application documents, we will contact you and start the selection process. During this process you will go through various tests and interviews. In this way, we want to achieve the best possible fit between our trainees and our partner companies.
During the training phase you go back to school together with other trainees. During this time you will receive comprehensive theoretical expertise in the notified area. You take part in the training, practice on specific case studies and are given the opportunity to study on your own - alone or in a group - and consolidate what you have learned. This sets the foundation for your future work with your new employer.
It's about time to develop your talent in practice, to try out what you've learned in theory and to meet new colleagues. You will work on projects, take on more independent tasks and obtain the necessary certificates that correspond exactly to your learning curve and fit your future job position. You will be accompanied by experienced IT colleagues and our coach. In addition to your technical skills, you will also work on developing your Soft Skills.
After a little over a year, you have successfully completed your traineeship and are faced with the opportunity of a job that suits you and is secure at a company that you already know and that offers you many growth opportunities.

How long does the yakha traineeship take?

The duration of the traineeship depends on the department, the content to be learned and the requirements of the partner company. This is usually 14 or 15 months.
Of this, about 2 to 3 months are usually allocated to the intensive phase and 12 months to the Training-on-the-Job

How is the training formed?

The traineeship consists of a two to three-month training phase and 12-month Training-on-the-job.

In the training phase, the focus is on learning the theory and on initial application exercises. All in a very protected setting. You take part in the training, practice on specific case studies and are given the opportunity to study on your own - alone or in a group - and thus to deepen what you have learned. Here we use a good mixture of frontal teaching, group work and practical individual exercises - depending on the topic.
The composition of the training content depends on the department and the requirements of the partner company.
In addition, there are regular, top-class Soft Skills training courses on topics such as communication and teamwork.

With some partner companies, we also supplement this training with an introduction to the company's industry (e.g. introduction to the insurance industry).

How many trainees are there per cohort?
The number of trainees per group/cohort varies. It depends on how many trainees are being trained for a specific partner company and a specific department at the same time. However, it is important to us to learn in small groups - which are not too small - because this achieves the best learning quality and a good exchange among the trainees.
What is the probability of being taken on after the traineeship?
Since both our partner companies and our talents invest a lot of time, energy, etc. in each other, they are usually interested in long-term cooperation. During the Training-on-the-job phase, you get to know and appreciate each other so that the likelihood of being hired after the traineeship is very high. Our challenging selection process plays another important role. However, the success rate is usually over 95%.
How does the traineeship at yakha differ from classic Bootcamps?
Our partner companies help shape the curriculum. We combine the IT-Hard Skills you need, adapted to the specific profile you are looking for, with a unique Soft Skills training program. We work together with specialized external training and certification partners to continuously ensure the quality of the training for you.
How are you dealing with the current Corona situation?
In the context of Corona, we want to act responsibly. Therefore, a large part of the training is currently taking place virtually until further notice. Hence, a major part of the training is held remote.
The Digital Skills Assessment is currently only taking place on a virtual platform.
Unfortunately, a few things cannot be done remotely but only in person, so we try to carry out these appointments as responsibly and with as little risk as possible.
We attach great importance to compliance with the general precautionary measures (distance, masks, etc.) as well as the G-regulations applicable at the time (2G/ 3G/ 2G+ or similar).
Can we see examples of talent profiles?

We recruit talent that is tailored to your needs - to match your corporate culture and your requirements. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot show you general sample profiles. However, we would be happy to present you with examples of success from our current or previous trainees.

Do we get to know the talents before the traineeship begins?

Yes! After the candidates have mastered our demanding selection process, it is your turn as a partner company. You have the opportunity to interview the candidates yourself and to decide on the talents that best suit your company. We only suggest talents that we are convinced of. You have the final say on which candidates are accepted as trainees.

Where are the talents employed during the traineeship?

The talents are employed by yakha GmbH for the entire traineeship (both in the intensive training phase and during the Training-on-the-Job period). In order to enable all high potentials to participate, they receive a salary from us from day one.

Who can we contact for a workshop?

We would be happy to talk to you about the right solution for your organization. You can reach us at the following number: +49 179 4372835 or write to us at digitalskills@yakha.de